Luxuria Lifestyle Spain interviews Rick Flay of Luxury Living Europe

Rick Flay of Luxury Living Europe takes pride in offering a bespoke service of prestige homes for sale and rent in a high-end marketplace. Here we chat with Rick to find out more about the man behind this ever-evolving brand:

LLS: What is your background?

RF: I have over 30 years of property experience as a successful estate agent internationally, as an investor, as a finance provider for both residential and commercial property, and also I have been involved in 2 beachfront developments in Sydney, Australia. I have a proven record of being able to maximise the marketing choices for prestige properties to ensure its exposure reaches the widest audience, and the maximum possible value is achieved. I ensure the office delivers 6-star service, excellent communication and particularly thorough follow-up. Interests include all sports but particularly football, fine wines, excellent restaurants and travel (current total 81 countries). I live in Palma but spend 50% of my time travelling to our key locations in Europe.

LLS:Please tell us a little bit more about your Luxury Living Europe Rick.

RF: Luxury Living Europe is unique and personal. I created it to fill a gap in the market and we act as a one stop shop to wealthy clients, not just in one area like Costa del Sol or Costa Blanca or Mallorca. We currently offer property in 10 countries across the hotspots of Europe and that number of locations will increase this year.

The company currently offers 5 core services;

  1. To list and sell premium quality homes and investment opportunities to High Net Worth Individuals, in prime locations across Europe ( both first and second homes )
  2. Acting as a buyer’s agent for affluent, time-poor clients
  3. To promote high-end holiday villas for rent
  4. To provide concierge service in appropriate areas
  5. To offer yacht and helicopter charters where there is demand.

We focus on giving a range of services to High Net Worth Clients and unlike most agents who may sell or do holiday rents in one area we cover the most luxurious hotpots.

All our clients have my direct number so they can get service and answers when they want it.

LLS: What sets you apart from other villa rental and sales companies?

RF: There are a number of them including, the countries and locations that we cover, the range of inter related services that we offer, the service levels and the knowledge and experience that we provide.

LLS: How did you venture into the yacht charter arena?

RF: It is a natural add-on for the client who spend €5 million on buying a holiday home, or €40,000 a week to rent a holiday villa. They most likely want concierge services of which we provide a huge range.

LLS: Where do your clients come from mainly? Europe or beyond?

RF:  Initially, when we started it was the UK and Germany but now it’s a wider range including North America, Scandanavian, French, Dutch and Belgian.

LLS: How do you see the company evolving?

RF: We are still young and growing but our big plan this year is to have a presence in more countries and more great locations. This will be done by a combination of direct contacts that we are talking to but we are also hearing from existing agents that want to get the benefits of using our brand either on a Licensed or Collaborative Basis. I would expect us to have 1000 high-quality properties available by the end of 2023.

LLS: Has Brexit affected the rental or sales market at all?

RF:  In simple terms it hasn’t as the clients we talk to are in the main cash and asset rich.

LLS: What are your personal goals?

RF:  To grow the business with the licensed and collaborative offers but to also maximise the opportunity to travel to all these great places.

LLS: Where do you go on holiday?

RF:  I have been lucky to visit some great places like Bora Bora and it was a shame that Covid slowed that down for everyone. I just spent Christmas in Berlin, I love the Greek Islands and Ibiza is another favourite.

LLS: What does your day look like?

RF:  I am an early starter so first is coffee then checking what emails and enquiries have come in overnight.

I like to spend most of the morning on client interaction and follow-up so that we keep great service maintained.

It’s a long day as afternoons are spent meeting clients or doing zooms and then more emails and calls at the end of the day.

We always want to attract more clients so marketing and brand-building is critical.

LLS: What are the main challenges in being the CEO of your company? And what are the perks?

RF: The main challenge is time management, its busy and growing and multifaceted but it’s something I am passionate about and the fact I can travel with work is a huge bonus

LLS: What are the challenges, if any, that you can see for 2023?

RF:  It’s an uncertain world as we all know so it makes planning hard but we are working in for me the best end of the market

LLS: Have you always been involved in the luxury market?

RF: In Australia yes, in the UK the estate agency I owned was more mid-market but now its very upmarket. We enjoy a great quality of life and I wouldn’t want to be involved in any other sector. Plus we have the benefit of living in the SUN (MOST DAYS !!)

LLS: What does luxury mean to you?

 RF: We are very much a brand that helps people improve their ‘lifestyle’. We offer luxury properties, luxury service, luxury locations, luxury travel, luxury food, the list goes on its that something extra that our client wants, that they will add value.

*The interview was carried out by Luxuria Lifestyle Spain

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